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This page displays all the latest news at letsupload.

30th August, 2020 :

Inactive Files Removal

We have changed file inactivity period for free users from 60 days to 30 days. So now free users inactive files will be removed after 30 days.

23rd August, 2020 :

Domain Change

We are once again for changing our domain from to Our domain was suspended by the registry so we had to change it, all functions are 100% normal.

3rd August, 2020 :

FTP Upload Changes

We are going to make FTP uploads premium only, that will allow premium users only to upload files via FTP. The reason for this update is because all our users are loving FTP uploads because they are very easier and convenient, due to which the load on FTP servers is immense, too many users using FTP uploads bloats the servers and at this point almost no one is able to upload files via FTP.

Now to overcome this issue, we have to get more and more servers in the FTP upload clusters, which is very expensive. So from 5th of August we will be limiting FTP uploads to premium users only untill we can again manage servers for free users.

We are sorry for this bad news to all our free users, we love you as much, but maintaining DMCA ignored servers is very expensive.

7th July, 2020 :

We have changed our domain from to, this change was made because our old domain was blocked in some regions and also by Chrome due to which users were facing issues when downloading files. All your files and links will work as normal, you do not have to change anything, we have made proper redirections so that your links works fine.

26th June, 2020 :

WebDav has been fixed, you can now upload bigger files, create folders and upload files within folders, all previous reported issues are fixed.

24th June, 2020 :

FTP Upload has been enabled for all users free and premium both, We will soon enable torrent upload too.

22nd May, 2020 :

We want to notify everyone on the downtime, The site experienced downtime for 2 days. It was because our main host server was raided and all hard drives were taken unfortunately. However all our fileservers are intact 100%. We have recovered the site and most importantly recovered all of our users. We are trying now to recover the file records from an old database backup. All files are secured, but recently we made server upgrades and due to that it is hard finding which file belongs to which server. But we are trying our best, working 24/7 sleeplessly. We won't stop untill we can make it right. In the meantime please do not panick and keep uploading files.

We want to apologize everyone from the core of our heart, we have always cared about our users. We have always ignored DMCA complaints due to which this happened. But this time we have our main host completely secured and hidden so this does not happen in the future.

21st March, 2020 :

Everyone please note: We are upgrading our servers to fix the database issues, therefore for the next 24 hours downloads will be blocked. We are sorry for this issue but this will improve performance overall greatly.

24th September, 2019 : We have started a sheduled maintanence on all of our servers, If you face any issues with uploads and downloads please report them via our Contact Page.
12th August, 2019 : We have increased files inactivity period to 60 days for free / registered users. (Prevously 45 days).
Non users / unregistered users files inactivity period is 30 days.
Premium users files are kept forever regardless of the inactivity.
11th July, 2019 : We have increased the Trash Can limit to 10 days (Prevously 7 days).
Trash Can is a unique and an important feature, as it allows you to restore your deleted files back within a 10 days period.
Eg: A user deletes a file on 11th July, the file will remain in the Trash Can for 10 days for you to restore and after 21st July it will be removed permanently.
8th July, 2019 : We have increased file inactivity period for files from 30 days to 45 days, if you wish to know what inactivity means please read our Tweet Here
24 June, 2019 : Please follow us at our Official Twitter Account to keep track of all official news, this is very important as we will be posting news, updates and other site related content on our twitter.
22 June, 2019 : We have enabled WebDav for all free and premium users, you can now upload files via the WebDav client, please head over to the Documentation Page to start uploading files via WebDav.
2nd May, 2019 : Premium users will now have 20 TB storage, additional storage can be purchased. The standard packages includes 20 TB storage allowance. Limit was decreased from Unlimited.
26th April, 2019 : The sheduled maintanence update has been successfully completed, all taks are working perfectly now. If you face any issue please report it via our Contact form.
24th April, 2019 : Sheduled maintanence update on 4:00 AM (GMT-4) USA Time The site will be down for 15 minutes.
19th April, 2019 : We are blocking all indian visitors on our website.
19th April, 2019 : We have got new and better servers, the uploads should go through really smoothly. Webmasters looking for dedicated SSD servers can contact us via our Contact Page, we can arrange special storage and needs per users requirements.
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